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Welcome back to the final part of this month’s update! In this one, we’ve got the southeastern piece of the main map, where a cathedral sits pertly with nice, flat roofs, for those rooftop duels. The interiors to these by the way, we’ll be including in the asset pack later on.

And finally, for the bonus map of this set is a smaller self-contained orphanage map. We had a massive, workhouse-style one planned out before it morphed into the library from last month. We figured we’ve got one too many large, sprawling maps and went for a smaller one instead! The lower floor houses the wards, and the upper floor is a classroom for them:

And that wraps up this month’s update! The next city maps to come will have a different look to it, as we’ll be moving on to the Eberron-based sky/magic city theme instead. We’re super excited for light rails! As usual, if there’s anything you all would like to see included, just drop us a suggestion and we’ll do our best to include it!


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