Party of Two just shared 21 new images: “City Maps 13”

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We’ll be wrapping up the assets and extras for these maps mid-month, while we work on the sky city’s design. It’s likely that next month’s update will be smaller, since we want to spend some time polishing the new city’s look, plus the extra maps we’ve still got lying about for this theme. 

Before that though, there’s still the last section of the city to explore! In this one, we wanted to make a neater, fancier version of town, with plenty of marbled tiles and multicolored roofs. Not too many crates in sight here!

Also included in this set is a cloister map. This month’s maps all skew towards the urban horror, and we begin here, with a cloister and its cellar:

The cellar doubles as an undertaker’s place if you use it as a standalone, otherwise, it connects to the office/storage area of the cloister!

And that’s all for this set! We’ll be back in a few with the next batch!


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