Sandbox Adventures 8: Mystery at Blackthorn Keep

Can you solve a murder to prevent a war?

A beautiful young woman has vanished and appears to have been murdered in Blackthorn Keep. When everything is more than it seems and every NPC is hiding something, can the players uncover what really happened to Mara Andal? Set against a precarious meeting of two noble houses, this 30 page adventure is bursting with hidden clues, red herrings, nefarious NPCs, political intrigue, and an entire castle to explore.

  • 30 Page 5e Adventure for a 5th level party
  • 12 Detailed NPCs with artwork and VTT Tokens
  • Massive Two-Floor Castle to Explore with VTT Battlemaps
  • Dozens of Progressive Discovery Tables, Random Generators, and Menus
  • Loaded with full-color artwork
  • 12 Hexplorer Map Tiles to create a regional area for hex-crawl campaigns
  • Plug-and-play design to make dropping the adventure into your campaign as easy as possible with minimal prep

Download Files in .zip Includes Adventure PDF, PNG Battlemaps, PNG NPC Tokens, and PNG Hexplorer Tiles.

Warning: This adventure module contains themes of domestic violence that may be upsetting to some players.



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