The Brazilian Midgard

Nowhere else in the country can one find such a bucolic and simple place to live in. Even as car substituted horses, as buildings took the place of houses, and as farms became far and far apart, the magic of this place and is never too far from wherever you are. All know that somewhere in between the hills and woods there are elves walking, that in the mountains there are the dvergar, and that in the sky, flying above all, there are dragons.

This is the second book on a series of different ideas, concepts, Terra Incognitae, and more, that could be found in the Brazilian Lands on the World of Scion. These ideas will vary a lot, and they are created from varied inspirations but are mostly non-canonical with the local mythology and folklore. It is mostly made for fun, and I hope you all enjoy it too.

This book includes:

  • A description of some of the beings of the Aesir cosmology that can be found in Minas Gerais.
  • 3 new Antagonists.
  • 4 New Birthrights.

This book requires the Scion 2e: Origin and the Scion 2ed: Hero corebooks, and the Titanomachy, and Pindorama books.

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