There’s Goblins in Them There Hills (5E)

Emboldened by their new leader, a particularly aggressive tribe of goblins has seen fit to expand their territory into the area south of their mountain home. As such, the road into the small settlement of Aldenwick is no longer safe for merchant caravans to ply their trade – making it clear that this new goblin menace must be dealt with swiftly …before things get out of hand!

This 16 page booklet is intended as either an introductory or ‘one-shot’ adventureĀ for fifth edition (i.e. something that’s fairly straight forward, and can be run in an evening or two).

Each of the encounters has also been written so that it can be represented on the tabletop with some of the terrain featured over on the Crooked Staff Terrain youtube channel (though unlabelled VTT maps have also been provided for online play).

This product is priced at $2.99


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