Chameleon Classes: 21 Ways to Reskin 5e Classes

CHAMELEON CLASSES introduces twenty-one skins for the base classes of fifth edition, fundamentally changing the lore and flavor of a class while leaving the mechanics intact.

What is a Skin? A skin is a set of descriptions, lore, and ideas that change the surface level of a class without altering any of its features. Reskinning a class is sometimes referred to as refluffing, changing the “fluff” without affecting the “crunch.” In a figurative sense, putting a skin on a class is like putting a fresh coat of paint on a door: it doesn’t change the door’s function in any way, but it does change the way you see and feel about it.

Why Reskin? Three easy benefits: you don’t step on the niche of the existing classes, you can ensure that the class is balanced, and you can take your character into the Adventurers League without any changes!

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