Cze and Peku just shared: “Reign of Iron”

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Three friends and collaborators of ours have gotten together and made Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting, a new supplement for 5e.

They’ve also given us a free adventure, Reign of Iron, from the book to share with you all. All patrons can grab that HERE. The adventure uses the icy variant of our Mountaintop Monastery battlemap. The adventure is intended for 3 to 7 players with an APL of 3, 9 or 16.

Their new supplement Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting comes with these awesome things:

  • 3 modular rule systems for tracking, harvesting, and crafting;
  • 10 adventures, each playable at three levels;
  • 10 friendly familiars;
  • 40+ original spells;
  • 50+ new monsters;
  • 150+ fully-illustrated items;
  • 200+ characterful random encounters.

But more importantly, we wanted to promote this project for them because they’ve active collaborators with us since we started making maps. 

Jess worked with us on the Blue, Black and Green Dragon Lairs.
Mo worked with us on Warforged Titan Scrapyard and Bridge Town and Max has worked on a number of adventures such as Santa’s Evil Twin, Chaos at the Coral Court and Brightmoon Fayre.

If you enjoyed those releases and want to see what else they’re capable of, check out their new project Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting!


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