FAST Freestyle Story Telling RPG

Want a rules-lite RPG system that doesn’t sacrifice Options? FAST combines easy mechanics and quick game-play for the RPG you’ve been looking for.


  • Covers All Genres. Tired of having to learn a new game system whenever you change game-settings? We didn’t care for that, either. That’s why we designed FAST to accommodate any game genre you want to play. Psionics, Magic, Mutant abilities? FAST does ‘em all.


  • Covers all Power Levels. FAST works at any power level from stark realism to heroic fantasy to world-shattering superheroes. Play a mouse-knight or a cosmic superhero using the same rules.


  • Has Easy Point-Based Character Construction.
    Are you a gunslingin’ cowboy by day and werewolf by night? FAST allows you to build any kind of character, power or ability quickly and easily.


  • Simple, Rules-Lite Game Mechanics. FAST uses the same easy-to-learn game mechanics called “FAST dice” for every situation.


  • Quick Combat. Put away your measuring tapes, because FAST isn’t a wargame. When combat happens, it’s fun and quick to resolve. Options like Fate Points support cinematic storytelling, swashbuckling and feats of derring-do.


  • Characters and Story are the Focus. You can also use Fate Points to shape the drama and tell the story your way. With FAST, the system quickly fades into the background, letting players and GM’s tell the kind of stories that they want to tell.

This product is priced at $15.00


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