AERONAUT_WC_72.jpgDUELIST_WC_72.jpgGrimmworld is a roleplaying setting of dark fantasy and Gothic intrigue set against the backdrop of the Georgian/Regency period in Europe and America. It is a world struggling to balance ancient lore with divine faith and scientific reason, with proponents of each vying for dominion. A world where the products of fiction are alive and well, and prey upon the fears of man.

A game two decades in the making, with immersive text and lush illustrations (both original and from vintage sources).

This volume includes:

  • Complete Dark Fantasy Setting
    framed in the Georgian/Regency Gothic Romance era
  • Playing Card Based Narrative System
  • World Gazetteer
  • Bestiary
  • Over 100 Non-Player Characters
  • Plot Generator
  • Period Literary Selections
  • Introductory Scenario:
    “Riddle of the Thorns”
  • Recommended Viewing List

PDF edition includes standard full color screen file, printer-friendly (background-free) version, and separate character sheet file. Also available in a premium hardcover edition (which includes the PDF edition for free)!

Recommended: Official Character Playing Cards also available!

This product is priced at $14.95


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