Lancer Mech Frame Sampler


Mech frame tokens based on the Lancer RPG tabletop game but suitable for any sci-fi setting. GMS: SP1 “Everest” (and the bonus 4-armed variant) designed by DirePengin and based on descriptions from the Lancer core rulebook (Massif Press). All other mech frames included were designed by Tom Parkinson-Morgan and the tokens are based on their appearances in the Lancer core rulebook. Packaged for Dungeon Draft, but suitable for Roll20 and any other grid-based VTT framework.

Pack includes:

  • SSC: Black Witch (top)

  • GMS: SP1 “Everest” (top-left)

  • Harrison Armory: Sherman (top-right)

  • HORUS: Pegasus (bottom-left)

  • IPS-N: Nelson (bottom-right)

Tokens are oversized (768 x 768) to allow for zooming in close during roleplay. Size chart included uses Lancer size categories, so a Size 1 token should occupy 1 square or hex

Actual products are 300 dpi PNGs and all watermarks are removed. Do not use commercially without a license, contact me for more details.

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