Tehox Maps just shared: “Wanderer’s Guide to Merchants & Magic, by Eventyr Games”

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Adventurers love magic items. Which means  all adventurers will eventually want to buy, sell, and trade magic  items. But in 5E, that’s easier said than done – especially for the GM!

Letting the characters shop for magic items usually entails several  hours of tedious preparation just to figure out what’s for sale and for  how much – or resigning yourself to making it yet another boring  downtime activity.

Magic items should never be boring or difficult. And, luckily, they no longer have to be!

Wanderer’s Guide to Merchants & Magic makes trading magic items fun for the players and easy for the GM by providing:

  • 20 Magic Shops with flavorful descriptions and exotic inventories that can be inserted into any 5E campaign.
  • 100 Magic Items with exciting mechanics and original artwork – and printable item card handouts.
  • New Rules & Guidelines for trading and pricing magic items, including price lists for the most popular 5E items.
  • Tools & Roll Tables to create your own magic shops complete with names, descriptions, and inventories in a matter of seconds.

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