The Terrain Randomizer

How many times have your combats happened in a bland 2D map with no interesting tactical options? If you have time to prepare an encounter, you can craft a detailed map with flavorful options and a varied environment. If you’re improvising or playing solo, you won’t have that luxury. Usually, in this kind of games we don’t plan our encounters (or almost anything) in advance, relying on oracles and random tables to generate the story as we play. While there’s a plethora of available tools, there is none that covers combat terrain. The best combats are the ones in which the environment plays a crucial part: hindering movement, restricting options, adding new dangers, being a hazard, blocking entries… nothing is more boring than fighting in an empty room, where combatants are stuck in a loop of repetitive dice rolls until someone dies. 

This book injects tactical depth with minimal player effort. Here you’ll find:

The Zones Generator: how to split your terrain into Zones, characterised by a descriptor and, optionally, an elevation attribute.

The Terrain Decorator: a method to tie the descriptive Zones from the Zones Generator with the mechanics of the RPG you’re playing.

You can find a video tutorial of this book at my Youtube channel, RPG Tips:

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