Traveller Super Simplified Space Combat (Version 1.1)

A lot of the space combat in Traveller is between small-ish vessels, less than 1000 tons displacement. This sort of combat isn’t really that complex. I think it’s pretty interesting myself, but it’s not the aspect of Traveller that my players are interested in. In such a case, it would be nice to be able to resolve a fight between their Q-Ship and one or two pirate ships relatively quickly, with broad strokes, and get on with the narrative side of the fight. This system is designed to do just that. It was inspired by a number of sources, including several versions of Traveller, the mass combat systems of GURPS and Savage Worlds, and especially from Paul Elliot and Omer Golan-Joel’s “Abstract Classic Traveller Space Combat”, from “Darkest Stars #1”. 

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