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If you haven’t seen it already, this Saturday on June 5th the Circle of Worldbuilders will be running another Livestream event focusing on making your campaigns kickass! This show will be a series of talks aimed at explaining a few different kinds of approaches to mapmaking, worldbuilding and campaign creation and if you enjoy any of those things you should definitely come and check it out! 

Circle of Worldbuilders

Oh, if you have not heard of the Circle of Worldbuilders yet, it’s a small group of creators, made up of myself, Dungeonfog, World Anvil and the Great GM!

You can find more details here:


The overall show will be around 5 hours long, with each talk by each member of COW sitting at around 45 mins long with about 15 mins of questions at the end!

There will also be a round table at the end for people to ask questions to the entire group!

You can see what each talk will be covering and the times below!

Tons of Prizes 

We have teamed up with some amazing people and companies to bring one lucky person an incredible prize at the end of the convention! All you have to do to win is watch the streams for the key word from each talk and then fill in a form at the end! 

Where to Watch

The show will be held on Saturday 5th June 2021, starting at 4pm UTC!

You can find us at: 

I hope to see you all there! 😀 

PS: There is a little handout in the downloads of this post to go along with my part of the show, that you can print out onto an A5 bit of paper and fill it in with ideas that I cover in my talk! 🙂


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