Corporate Reception 1080p – Cyberpunk Animated Battle Map

“Well, ain’t this place swanky. Reminds me a bit of that ancient Christmas holovid where the police guy single-handedly takes down a terrorist group holding hostages. No matter, we’ve got a job so we better get to it, yippee-kai-ay choom, let’s see how hard it is to die in here.” 

Corporate Reception HD – 1920×1080 Resolution

  • 6x Animated Gridded and Gridless Map in 1080p MP4 format.
  • 6x Static Gridded and Gridless Map in 1080p JPG format.
  • 3x Animated Gridless Map in WebM format at 1920×1080 resolution for VTT use.


This product is priced at $4.99


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