Darkness Moves

The Violet Valley has a conflicted past of heroic deeds and nasty persecution. Now afflicted with a blight of dark continuous rain, the valley is slowly turning into a boggy mire. The small village of Argol is at risk of losing its major crop of blackberries to the encroaching swamp. Additionally, villagers have begun to disappear in mysterious and grisly fashion to a supposed pack of rabid wolves. Superstition, paranoia, guilt, shame all weigh heavy on the Valley.

Darkness Moves is a short adventure for use with the game Cairn. Though with some stat changes, can be used with many old-school, rules lite games.

Two small one page dungeons are available for exploration. A small hex map with several detailed locations. A bestiary of six creatures. 

Darkness Moves can be a simple side quest to drop into an overall campaign or be a fairly easy first adventure for a new Cairn party.

This product is priced at $4.00


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