Fate Fantastic Creatures

Monsters are invading your game!

Fate System Support Fantastic Creatures features a selection of mystical beings to populate your fantasy, horror, western, and futuristic adventures. All of this using the Fate system — monsters ready to challenge the most courageous players.

With unique, simple, and quick rules, this supplement features a list of creatures with complete statistics, story with adventure ideas, incredible illustrations, and tips on creating your own monsters in just a few minutes.

This supplement is compatible with Fate Core, Condensed, and Accelerated, in addition to scenarios and supplements that are Powered by Fate.

Will you face this challenge?

In this book, you will find:

  • New rules for monsters. Easy to master rules to make the game dynamic when using these new creatures.
  • 70 all-new creatures with art and full character sheet. Each creature comes with full-color page art, complete character sheet, and monster story with adventure hooks.
  • 23 of the most iconic classic creatures. A list of fully-fledged classic creatures, famous in fantasy games.
  • How to customize your creatures. Tips on how to modify the creatures in this book to come up with new ideas.
  • How to create your own creatures. Tips on creating your own creatures from scratch.
  • Fantastic creatures random creator. A random creature builder that will help you create a monster with aspects, approaches, stunts, and tips on how to use them to create your game.
  • How to use adventure hooks. Each fantastic creature has adventure hooks in its story, and this book provides tips on how to use these to create your game.
  • Sinister stunts. A list of 100 unprecedented power stunts for the GMs to use with their villains or monsters.
  • Nefarious Relations. A monster network for the GM who wants to create campaigns with multiple plot layers.

Note: The value of the first PDF sales will pay for the final proofreading of the book. Everyone who buys will help an independent author and receive the revised version through the DTRPG update system.

Creatures with full-color page art, and complete character sheetcreature

A random creature builder that will help you create a monster with aspects, approaches, and stunts


Lots of tips for GMs to create and modify monsters for their campaigns


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