Ah so this is it! You are now a graduate and it’s your first day on the job at the National Erudite Research Department (NERD). Sure you never opened a textbook and cheated on your exams, but nobody ever actually needs the stuff they learn in school, right? Even then you picked up enough techno-babble to ace the interview so you sure sound like you know what you are talking about, and isn’t that what the ‘E’ in NERD is all about? Maybe your luck will continue to hold and you won’t be found out. I’m sure you’ll just be making coffees anyway…

Lambduh is a game for those skilled at dealing with imposter syndrome. You are a scientist in name only and must use the power of jargon and a huge dollop of luck to ensure your secret isn’t exposed while performing great scientific feats. Grab a whole bunch of D6s and talk your way through deadly situations such as an outbreak of wormholes, a Lion-Beetle escape or the canteen running out of corn dogs. As the game goes on your cache of luck decays, try not to run out or you may find yourself past your expiration date!

Wish there was more Lambduh? Don’t worry there is!

Lambduh: Murons is a μ-expansion (get it?) to Lambduh that adds a whole bunch of new rules. Get your character promoted and unlock powerful new abilities. Use the Jargon Generator to sprinkle even more confusing lingo into your play sessions. Also, find extended rules for combat and skill checks as well as additional situation roll tables. For only $3 you can get Murons and our everlasting love today!

This product is priced at $3.00


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