The Fools Haven Adventure Pack A3 supplements

Though the Fools Haven Herald might be older, the Three Crown Review might have fancier words, and the Publican’s Post might have more illustrations of naked people, the Middenbight Midnight Mail remains the most popular newscroll among Free Traders within the City of Adventure! But don’t let us tell you why, find out for yourself as you read through your very own copy of the latest issue, straight from the streets of Fools Haven and into your hands (though you might want to wash those hands before you do anything else with them).

This A3 scroll is the perfect handout to give players who wish to discover the news and job opportunities within the Jewel of the Middenbight. Many of the articles also link into the missions contained within the pages of the Fools Haven Adventures #1 zine, making it the ideal way to introduce a party of Free Traders to their next step along the road to destiny. Or disaster…

A3 bonus material includes: 

  • 2 pages of the Midnight Mail
  • BAWLL mini game rules to find out the winners and losers of Fools Havens weekly kickball championship
  • Fools Haven Festivals generator – roll a d100 for some random festival flavour!
  • Street names of Fools Haven – 10 common streets for each of the six Districts of Fools Haven

This product is priced at $3.87


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