100 Spaceship Quirks – Vol 4

Spaceships are like special homes for a crew that can last for decades at a time. And all good captains quickly learn to alter their ship to fit their particular needs, personality and aesthetic. And over time, these choices can alter the very programming and infrastructure of any space vessel. For better or worse.

This list is intended for any space opera setting (like Traveller, Star Wars, Star Trek, Space Opera, Rifts, Babylon 5, Red Dwarf, Dune, Alien, The Expanse, etc.) where technology is not necessarily uniform or simple. This list can be applied to shuttles, passenger vessels, mining ships, smugglers, cargo crafts, dreadnaughts, and so on. This roleplaying tool gives you dozens of different ways to add a new dimension to your next bucket of bolts.

This Roll Percentile list has one hundred possible results in this format:

Roll result: A brief description of a strange feature of this spaceship.

Example 101: Ship is never really silent with pings, swooshes, and hum constantly. Light sleepers will have to take time to adapt.

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