Bodil’s Gap

Bodil’s Gap is a fantasy campaign setting for Dungeon World, inspired by Norse myth and folklore, and by the people of viking-age Scandinavia. Unlike traditional fantasy settings, Bodil’s Gap takes a folkloric, fairy tale tone that emulates the style of ancient sagas. It focuses on the adventures of the men and women living in a harsh and rugged land, bound by honour and craving glory, and confronted with vast supernatural forces that run a constant undercurrent through their daily lives.

For players, this book contains:

  • A rich overview of the world of Bodil’s Gap; 
  • New character and setting moves
  • Seven new playbooks ranging from savage berserker to giant-touched sorcerer
  • Six new compendium classes, from otherwordly kin of trolls to servant of a noble Jarl
  • New equipment and an overhauled wealth system

For GMs, it contains:

  • A wealth of setting information to inspire your campaign 
  • A dozen example steadings for players to visit and explore
  • A variety new monsters and magic items to put in players’ paths,
  • A handful of example Fronts to pave the way to further adventure

This product is priced at $19.99


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