Burgundia Campaign Setting

Pathfinder Second Edition Campaign Setting – As a member of Nachtrichter you operate on the fringes of society, enforcing the Accords of the Great War. You and your fellow agents defend a peaceful civilization against the forces that would see mankind’s fate devolve.1930’s Europa, a time of sorcery and intrigue. Zeppelins soar above while dark plots, secret societies, and the saber rattling from old rivalries threaten the fragile peace. A place where evil walks the cobblestones of Paris and Prague. The world is not solely the province of mankind. An ancient dimensional rift proved that we are not alone. The barrier between worlds that has protected humanity has proven porous and permeable.Enter a world of fantasy noir, where a you fight against corrupt and powerful forces, in a reality where fate can hang on a roll of the dice.

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