Dyson Logos just shared: “Release the Kraken upon the Crumbling Island Tomb”

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Near the centre of Bathayg Lake is an island tomb – a tuft of grass, dirt, and stone slowly being reclaimed by the waters. At some point the small island was built up as a barrow mound – a dromos style tomb entrance leading into several false tombs and burial spaces. The whole thing was covered in dirt that had to be brought to the island in barges or transported (or possibly created) magically.

Speeding the erosion of the island, the dragon Goavu (grand child of the great Bathayg whom the lake is named after) makes one of its nests on the top of the island, giving it a view over the whole lake without having to take flight. It is whispered that a few dragon eggs are also within the ruined tombs, placed there when Goavu was a much smaller beast.



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