GMD Online just shared: “V&M Guide Ready to order!”

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The proofs are all in and look amazing!

I could not have done this without your input and support, you are all amazing… 

Public Release Date for the V&M Guide: August 1st

The public may grab an early edition from the Birmingham Expo while stocks last. We will be only taking a limited stock. 

  • Kickstarter Backers Rewards: These will be ordered Monday 7th 
  • Patreons who are Kickstarter Backers: I will order yours today!
  • Patreons with 350+ XP You can claim your free printed Soft Back can order from the XP Chart from tomorrow.
  • Patreons with 450+ XP You can claim your free printed Hard Back can order from the XP Chart from tomorrow.
  • Patreons who do not qualify for a free copy can order their copy from tomorrow at a discounted price at a discount equal to your current level of support. So Champions will get 7% etc… 

XP is equal to your lifetime support value. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone one of you for your support and patience throughout the creation of this project. 

I have so much more to deliver but have to concentrate on Expo promotional products and stock. Once this has been completed, Wait till you see what’s coming next!

I will add links to rewards to this post once the links have been set up.

Martin Harper

(GM Draeus)

GMD Online


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