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Stealth (Dexterity, Load Penalty)

You hide from sight, keep quiet, and otherwise avoid being noticed.

Size Modifier: You get a -2 circumstance penalty to Stealth for each size category you are larger than Medium, or a +2 circumstance bonus for each size category you are smaller than Medium.

Observation: You can’t use Stealth to hide from creatures that can see you unless their vision is obstructed by cover or concealment or they are distracted. If a creature can clearly observe you with another sense (such as touch for a creature grappling you, or a precise special sense like echolocation), you also can’t use Stealth against them.

Breaking Stealth: Immediately after you make an attack roll, target a creature with a spell or ability, or take another overt action, you cease to be hidden. An overt action is one that makes noise, requires vigorous movement, or physically interacts with another creature. Successfully using Sleight of Hand against an observer’s DC prevents an action from breaking stealth.

Check Condition

-10 move more than half speed

DC Condition

+5 observer has clear line of sight but is distracted

Hide Creature or Object (Standard; Determines DC of opposed Perception check)

You place a willing creature or object into a hiding place. This functions as hiding except you use modifiers for the target’s size and appearance rather than your own. It must make its own Stealth check if it moves from its location or breaks Stealth. Creatures who succeed at the Perception check against your Stealth result notice the hidden target.

Prowl (Full or longer; DC 11 + observer’s Perception)

You sneak for a prolonged with with a single check: up to twice your speed for every full action you spend. When prowling, you must make a new check each time a new condition arises, such as when you speed up, encounter new guards, or walk across a noisy surface. You take a –10 penalty to your Stealth check if you move farther than your speed each round while prowling.

Sneak (Move or longer; DC 11 + observer’s Perception)

You avoid making noise or being seen as you move. You can move through where creatures can see you clearly (or otherwise observe you directly) without being spotted as long as you end your movement in a place that allows you to use Stealth. You can also end your movement in a place where creatures can observe you, but you must take the penalty for moving quickly and the creature’s attention isn’t focused where you end your movement (so you could pass by a warrior watching combatants in all directions, but not a guard only watching the door you want to sneak through). If you end your movement where you can be clearly seen, you are observed only at the end of your turn (or you break stealth). Compare your result to the DC for each creature you are trying to hide from. If you succeed against a creature that was observing you, the creature hears you well enough to remain aware of your location but is no longer observing you. If you succeed against a creature that was only aware of your location, they lose track of your location and know only that you are present somewhere in the area.

Critical Success: If the creature was observing you, it neither sees nor hears you and loses track of your location.

Failure: The creature maintains the same state of awareness toward you.

Critical Failure: If the creature was previously only aware of your location, it sees you and is now observing you.

Snipe (Move; DC 21 + observer’s Perception)

You carefully position yourself so that even if you act overtly you won’t be instantly spotted. If your next action would end your use of hide, instead it simply improves the creature’s awareness of you by one degree (unaware to aware of presence to aware of location to observed). If you successfully grapple a creature with your action, you prevent that creature from making any more noise than you (generally by restraining it and muffling its mouth) if your Stealth result exceeds the target’s CMD.

Critical Success: The creature becomes aware of your presence if it wasn’t already, but otherwise its degree of awareness doesn’t increase.

Failure: You lose the benefits of hiding against the creature.


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