Music d20 just shared: “Minis: Vol. 1”

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In my time working on Music d20—as well as years in the video game industry—I’ve learned that different folks have wildly different tolerances for hearing the same track over and over. Personally, I start getting pretty cranky after hearing a track loop more than 3 or so times while playing a tabletop game. Other people can listen to one track on repeat for hours. Thus far, I’ve really tried to cater my music toward people like me: my music goes in a lot of different directions, and my average track length is >3 minutes. 

HOWEVER, writing a long track (perhaps counterintuitively) takes me much more time than writing a bunch of little tracks. As such, I can actually provide way more total content to you all if I occasionally dedicate some time to cranking out a bunch of short tunes. 

Given that, here’s my first pack of minis! I’ve made 4 tracks designed to be looped for a while, covering a wide range of potential uses. I’m releasing them as both 60-second loopable tracks as well as 10-minute “extended cuts.” You can grab everything in the zip below. This first pack includes:

  • Aanverder: A sci-fi combat track, perfect for Shadowrun or other high tech RPGs.
  • Kuskyn Market: A moody city track with plenty of Slavic flair. Witcher-esque.
  • Nata Paradagata: Zen music for Eastern-themed temples and guru characters.
  • Portrait of Carolee: Forlorn solo piano for emotional moments.

I’m releasing this first pack for free, but from now on I’ll be interspersing these throughout my regular schedule at the Artist Tier and higher. Thanks so much!


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