My Neighbor is a Vampire!

Your neighbor gets up to some weird $%@!, don’t they? I don’t know about you, but it makes me wanna have a sleepover and GOSSIP! I mean, why does she drink coffee out on her lawn at 2am every night? … and is she single?

My Neighbor is a Vampire! is a social party game of gossiping about your neighbor, your REAL neighbor, inspired by 90s teen magazines and films. You and as many friends as your mom lets you have over will slam legally-distinct  Monster Caps, complete personality quizzes, and craft wild stories about vampires, aliens, and vampire aliens!Check out our Legally-Distinct Monster Caps!

For 1+ Players, 4-8 Recommended.

In My Neighbor is a Vampire!, everyone works together to sling wacky gossip. Though you start each game with a real neighbor story, it quickly turns into a collaborative effort to design a silly character. It’s easy to pick up and play, including variant rules for smaller groups and for those who can’t / don’t want to print out the Monster Caps which uses dice instead. Though if you can, printing out the Monster Caps and gathering around a table to slam them is just plain fun.

You can even treat it as a character generator!

An excerpt of some of the surprising facts you might learn about your neighbor!

My Neighbor is a Vampire! comes as a 19-page A5 pdf, along with a printer-friendly version which uses less fonts and colors. Each version comes as both a print-ready document (single pages with bleed) and as one with  two-page spreads for easy digital viewing.

My Neighbor is a Vampire! also includes a sheet of 24 printable Monster Caps on A4 paper, as well as instructions for putting them together and using them. The Monster Caps were drawn by myself (Mxtress Khan), Sarah Carapace, Scudpuppy, TJ, and Rosalind Chapman.

This product is priced at $6.00


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