Alogo’s Caravan: Riding Animals of Dragon Pass

When is a horse not a horse? When it’s a vital part of an adventurers ensemble. Many characters start with a mount of some description, where others find it necessary to acquire some for travel or labour. Often these animal companions are relegated to the bottom of the character sheet to be filled in as an afterthought or simply filled in as an average example of their species from the Bestiary.

Here is where Quick And Dirty (QAD) Alogo’s Caravan can help the time poor gamemaster and player. Need a riding animal fast? Alogo is sure she can find the right beast for you and at the right price. Alogo’s Caravan contains 20 pre-generated riding animals detailed in the Bestiary and available to starting player’s Homelands. All four breeds of horse, mule, bison, high llama, impala and sable plus war zebra for those characters horse riders journeying in Prax. Each type is described through the eyes of Dragon Pass’ most trusted seller of fine riding animals, Alogo Kanestal.

More than just a stat book, QAD Alogo’s Caravan contains:

  • Detailed NPC/Patron: Alogo Kanestal
  • Description of a region-wide trading house
  • Rules for extending mount personalities
  • 2 scenarios to get your players up in the saddle, White Bull Crap and Jonstown Races
  • plus bonus 20 cattle for all your raiding needs!

This product is priced at $9.95


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