An Overview of Gloriana

A Campaign setting and GM/Players guide, to go with the overal Campaign Module I’m also writing. This is designed to work with the 5E ruleset. 
Over 200 pages of new content which includes:

6 Races. (new and Gloriana variants)
5 new classes. Each with 3 or more sub-classes.
37 new sub-classes for existing classes.
40 unique creature blocks.
5 new Warlock Pact Boons.
34 new Warlock Eldritch Invocations.
36 new Feats.
14 new Spells.
1 new type of Artisan Tools.
7 new steampunk styled vehicles.
5 new weapons.
4 Gloriana variant firearms.
Some magic Items that fit the world setting.
The God pantheon of the world, as well as Warlock Patrons and other ascended beings.

This product is priced at $20.00


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