Animated Dungeon Maps: Collapsing Dungeon

Collapsing Dungeon

They say that many levels of mad mage’s dungeon will collapse if their master falls. Will the brave adventurers manage to make it to a life-saving portal, or will they be forever buried under miles of stone and earth?

This is an .MP4 video battlemap compatible with any RPG game. The easiest way to use it is to play it on a TV laid flat on top of a low table – 40” TV would be the perfect fit for the gridded versions of my maps (but there’s always gridless versions for other TV sizes). You can also use a projector or VTT like Roll20. 

FULL HD animated map in MP4 format (1920x1080px) with a 1inch square grid overlay
Still image of this map in JPG format 


This product is priced at $9.90


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