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Survival (Wisdom)

You are skilled at surviving in the wild and at navigating in the wilderness, including following trails and tracks left by others.

Perception Penalties: All penalties to Perception using vision also apply to Survival checks unless you use another sense (such as tracking via smell), in which case Perception penalties for the sense you are using apply.

Traveling Uses: Some Survival uses can be performed while traveling. This might be traveling over the course of rounds, tasks, or scenes. While performing a traveling Survival use, moving faster than half your speed applies a penalty to your Survival check. If you move no faster than half your speed, you can accept a -10 penalty on your Survival check to use two traveling uses simultaneously.

Check Condition

-5 Move between half your overland speed and your full overland speed while using a traveling action

-10 Hustle while using a traveling action

Obscure Tracks (Travel; DC 15+)

You cover your tracks as you move. The DC to track your group increases by 2.

Critical Success: The DC to track you increases by 4 instead.

Failure: The DC to track your group is unchanged.

Critical Failure: You accidentally make your tracks more obvious, lowering the DC to track you by 2.

DC Condition

+1 Per additional creature whose tracks you simultaneously obscure

Track (Travel; DC varies)

You find tracks and know very roughly how many creatures are in the group. You can continue following them for one unit of travel time or until the tracks become difficult to follow. Typically, you make a check once per hour while traveling overland, but you make the check every 10 minutes in confined locales such as towns and every 4 hours in very open areas such as plains or desert. You must be trained to find tracks with a DC of 15 or higher.

Critical Success: You find the tracks and learn the group’s exact number and how fast they were moving. You learn another piece of information for every 5 points by which you exceeded the DC, such as any prolonged activities they undertook while traveling or the broad strokes of a fight they took part in.

Failure: You reach a dead end but can try again to pick up the trail after one unit of time.

Critical Failure: You believe the tracks lead somewhere they don’t and continue for one unit of time in the wrong direction. When you next attempt the check, if your result would be another critical failure against the same DC you continue in the wrong direction again but otherwise you realize you are chasing the wrong trail.

DC Condition

5 Surface holds deep, clear impressions: fresh snow, thick dust, mud

10 Surface holds frequent but shallow prints: soft dirt or old snow

15 Surface holds few or partial prints: grass or forest

20 Surface holds no impressions but creatures leave traces (like scuff marks or displaced pebbles)

25 Surface covered by moving water

30 Use eddies to track creature through murky liquid creature swam through or thin mist creature flew through

35 Use eddies to track creature through opaque cloud creature flew or swam through

40 Track creature through clear air, water, or other transparent medium even if they left no trace

45 Track intangible or otherwise traceless creature through lingering temperature fluctuations or psychic impressions

+1 Every 24 since outdoor trail was made or every week since indoor trail was made

+1 Every hour of rain or windstorm since trail was made

+10 Snow since trail was made


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