Lord Heimhart’s Collection of Magical Items – Vol. 6 – Rings & Bands


Lord Heimharts Collection of Magical Items – Volume 6 – Rings & Bands

Searching through the vaults of Lord Heimhart’s Collection the researchers found a small chest that contained nothing but Magical Rings. One of the researchers spent several hours identifying all of the rings. All of these rings range from the Rare to Artifact status. The value of these rings individually is estimated to be between 20,000 to 500,000 Gold pieces each.

Contents of the Collection

  1. Abyssal Chain Link

  2. Bloody Knuckles

  3. Celestial Halo

  4. Chaos Ring

  5. Divine prayer Band

  6. Illusionists ring

  7. Mage Bane Band

  8. Pew, Pew Ring

  9. Recall Ring

  10. Ring of Anti-Counterspell

  11. Ring of Anti-Paralysis

  12. Ring of Anti-petrification

  13. Ring of Consciousness

  14. Ring of Expertise

  15. Ring of Far Step

  16. Ring of Focused Mind

  17. Ring of Local Knowledge

  18. Ring of Mind Blank

  19. Ring of Mind Delving

  20. Ring of Residuum

  21. Ring of Restoration

  22. Ring of Spiritual Weapon

  23. Ring of Subtle Casting

  24. Ring of Subtle Tongue 

  25. Ring of Telepathy

  26. Ring of the Brave

  27. Ring of the Dome

  28. Ring of Wild Shape

  29. Transmutors Ring

  30. Wonderous Elemental Ring