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Welcome to the OPR Patreon for June 2021!

3D Printing – This month we’re continuing with the release of the Duchies of Vinci, as well as the release of our Alien Hives models. On top of that we’re also adding some brand Dwarf and Battle Sisters models, with the Dwarf Warriors Command models and the Battle Sisters Standard Bearer.

Don’t forget that if you join this month you’ll also get our brand new massive Welcome Pack with 15+ Models, which means that in your first month you get 50+ Models! Also if you missed last month’s models don’t worry, because you can still pick them up on MyMiniFactory with a special 70% Discount for the month of June!

Oh, and we’ve got some new Loyalty Rewards coming, so keep your eyes peeled…

2D Printing – We’ve got a new set of Fantasy Ratmen models coming, as well as a new gang with the Hive City Mercenaries. On top of that we’re also going to be releasing a special set of Fantasy Terrain, plus there’s still the Hive City Terrain available.

Early access – Whilst we keep working on Sellswords, we’re also releasing 4 brand new missions for our core games. Oh, and of course we’re also working on the release of Arena Season 3, for which you’ll get a new warband! 😉

Then there’s a lot more stuff too, like all of the Full Rulebooks, Point Calculators, Warband Creators, Weekly Updates and Exclusive Discord Channels, so it’s going to be yet another great month for all of our patrons!

That’s $200+ worth of content for just $10!

Here’s a full list of everything you get this month:

3D Print Rewards (40 models + 88 bases + 18 game aids):

  • Duchies of Vinci – Alchemist x1
  • Duchies of Vinci – Captain on Horse x1
  • Duchies of Vinci – Scouts x10
  • Duchies of Vinci – Scout Slingshot x4
  • Duchives of Vinci – Themed Bases x44
  • Duchies of Vinci – Game Aids x9
  • Alien Hives – Psycho-Rex x2
  • Alien Hives – Toxico-Rex x2
  • Alien Hives – Burrower x2
  • Alien Hives – Themed Bases x44
  • Alien Hives – Game Aids x9
  • Dwarves – Warriors x17
  • Battle Sisters – Standard Bearer x1

3D Print Welcome Pack (28 models + 18 bases + 16 game aids):

  • Dwarf Lords x2
  • Dwarf Warriors x17
  • Battle Sisters Champion x1
  • Battle Sisters Troops x8
  • Play Tokens & Ruler x16
  • Simple Bases (Round & Square) x18
  • 50% Discount Code for MyMiniFactory

2D Print Rewards:

  • Ratmen Army (2 Colors + PSD)
  • Hive City Mercenaries (2 Colors + PSD)
  • Fantasy Terrain (4 Colors + PSD)
  • Hive City Terrain (4 Colors + PSD)

Early Access Rewards:

  • Mission Packs (4 missions)
  • Sellswords (beta)
  • GF: Arena – Season 3
  • AoF: Arena – Season 3

Full Rulebook Rewards:

  • Grimdark Future
  • Grimdark Future: Firefight
  • Age of Fantasy
  • Age of Fantasy: Skirmish
  • Age of Fantasy: Regiments

Point Calculator Rewards:

  • GF + GFF Point Calculator
  • AoF + AoFS + AoFR Point Calculator
  • Online Point Calculator (beta)
  • Army Creation Templates
  • Arena Warband Creators

General Rewards:

  • Patrons-Only Channels on Discord
  • Weekly Development Update


– Gaetano

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