RolemasterBlog Fanzine Issue 50

This issue is the second one where there will be downloadable maps ready to use in your favorite VTT. The images are each 1800×1800 png images, created with Dungeondraft. They can be downloaded as a single zip file from

The maps this time started life as Dyson Logos maps. If you search the commercially available maps for the ruined fort, you will find a black and white map in Dyson’s normal style. I have loaded the map into Dungeondraft and then used the mapping software to recreate the map in full color. They are not perfect replicas as I used the software’s own art assets. It has a ‘scatter’ option where it will randomly place objects, such as bits of rubble or small plants and bushes.

These images are then ready to add walls and line of sight in Fantasy Grounds. I have left off the grid because some people like grids, some don’t, and some prefer hexes.

It is not often that I think my version is better than the original. Still, in this case, I definitely feel that the combinations of Dyson Logo’s inspiration, with the Dungeondraft assets, have created a superior quality map.

DriveThruRPG does not support community copies. If you cannot afford the $1.50 asking price at this time of year the entire fanzine is readable in the Full-size preview above.

This product is priced at $1.50


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