Settingless 3: 8ish Arcane Setting Rules

Settingless 3: Arcane Setting Rules is a set of Settling Rules to use for your Savage Worlds games, mix and match as you wish. Beware side effects are more powerful mayhem for GMs and players alike, loads of magical excitement at your table, and a surge to play more!

Within these 3 short pages are 8 more Setting Rules all focusing on Arcane Backgrounds, with variations the count is more than doubled (17 in total).  Setting Rules such as Apprentice Training; Late Bloomer and Power Seeks the Powerful are new rules to unlock new character potential.  Also there are Alternate ReplenishmentArcane Spell FailureDisrupting Powers; Force of Will and Multiple Power Maintenance rules for different play styles. 

Find the first two installments of my Settingless Rules below:

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