100 Snow and Ice Encounters (3Deep)

This is a collection of 100 different events and encounters that characters could have whilst travelling through snow and icebound regions. Some of the encounters are most suited to polar regions and those lands nearest to them, others could be located in snowy mountains or perhaps simply during a heavy winter. Some of the encounters are odd and some are potentially hazardous. They can be used to enliven otherwise boring travel, or perhaps even be a source of adventure hooks.

Here are some sample results:

The glacier here borders the water, which is nearly 200′ below. The edge of the glacier is unstable, and may collapse if too closely approached (it will crumble if more than a Medium creature approaches the edge; an Athletic (Agility) roll for all within 20′ of the edge to avoid falling into the sea).

The ground here is treacherous, as it is covered in huge pieces of broken ice that have been forced up at various angles, making it difficult to cross (reduce movement by half). This is a patch of sea ice, and the sea pushed the ice into the different positions whilst it was freezing (a Science/Analytic (Logic) roll confirms this).

The ground is a large sheet of ice that is extremely smooth and perfectly reflective. The images of creatures on the ice and the sky can easily be made out. The ice also proves strangely resistant to damage.

The ice and snow underfoot suddenly starts sagging, dropping several feet before stabilising again. The shift is enough to knock most creatures off their feet (an Athletic (Agility) roll with +1 to remain standing). Even after the snow and ice stops moving, continuing groaning and cracking noises suggest that the surface’s stability is only temporary.

The ice here is riddled with narrow holes, each about an inch across and of an unknown depth. The holes appear to be regularly spaced, 6″ apart, in a grid pattern.

One page is the front cover, one the front matter, most of one is ads and one is the Open Game License.

The supplement is also available in versions for the following systems: Lore 100, Pathfinder and system neutral. You do not need all versions.

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