Horror in Elwyn

From the mind of game designer and voice actor Jerry Gee, this adventure is sprinkled with mystery and grim discovery. Severed limbs and horrid abominations are finding their way into the village of Elwyn. A ghoulish witch has sent these monstrosities into the river from upstream. Fueled by grief and revenge, she seeks to create a beautiful vessel for her offspring, which was born into the world as a nightmarish entity, twisted by the dark fate of its mother.

The characters can choose to unveil the truth about Lady Elwyn’s disappearance throughout, or simply hack n’ slash the witch’s freakish creatures until the village is at peace.

  • Explore the village of Elwyn, a seemingly serene fishing village with a dark past
  • Meet the villagers, some of who suspect the local lord has a horrible secret
  • Terrify your players with 5 all-new horrifying monsters
  • Ramp up the tension with optional madness rules
  • Bring your game to VTT wtih Roll20 optimized maps and tokens

This product is priced at $4.99


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