Deck of Foes

The Deck of Foes is designed as a DM tool and is compatible with 5th edition. The deck can be used as a magical item to create opponents for the players to fight, or as a DM resource to create random and unique encounters for the player characters to face.

Each opponent is assigned a card in a normal deck of cards, from 2 (lowest challenge rating) to the Ace (highest).

Each suit has a theme linking all creatures of that type.

  • Hearts:        Magic
  • Diamonds:   Mutation
  • Spades:       Weapons
  • Clubs:          Nature

Thanks to its simple, scalable stats, each card is suitable for:

  • low (1-4)
  • mid (5-8)
  • high (9-12)
  • epic (13-20) level parties.

There is also a Challenge Rating Index Table at the back to measure the difficulty of each encounter.

Deck of Foes - Sample1Deck of Foes - Sample2Deck of Foes - Sample3

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