Elven Tower just shared: “A Tragedy has Occurred at the Graveyard!”

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This illustration portrays a ransacked mausoleum in the graveyard. A band of tomb-robbers invaded the premises looking for something. The adventurers arrive at the aftermath of the confrontation of the grave-keepers and a few bystanders with the villains. The guilty robbers have already left but they left an undead abomination to slow down any pursuers!

This is going to be featured in our upcoming adventure Blade of Fire Here’s the cover for this adventure, to be released on June 12th. This is a 30×20 squares Roll20 map! Keep posted cause this is published here on Patreon. Consider subscribing to our stuff!

Here’s a close up of the mausoleum’s entrance:

This is the lower level of the mausoleum. A tragedy has occurred here; many lie dead on the cold stone:

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