(FREE) A Book of Most-Eccentric Dragons


This is a free sample of the new DMs Guild publication: ‘A Book of Most-Eccentric Dragons’, an NPC compendium focused on unusual dragon characters that break all the tropes of this eldest of D&D foes (find the link in the image above)

Sure, there are epic battles to be had and evil plots to be foiled within these pages. But there are also unexpected alliances, charming adventures and meaningful stories to be found, too

In this supplement, you’ll find fully-described dragons, complete with everything you need to run them at your tabletop:

·Unique, quirky backstories filled with story opportunities

·Plans and motivations that lead to adventures

·Lair details (and maps for some)

·Descriptions of key minions and hoard highlights

·Specific guidance on the types of adventures you could develop

·Encounter hooks and adventure seeds


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