GEOGRAPHICA: World Maps Volume 2-B

Hinterland Mapview can help you minimize the amount of prep time for your next homebrew campaign!

Need a homebrew world map but lack significant drawing skills? Need a detailed continent map calling out specific biomes, but don’t have the time or money to spend on complex mapping software? Hinterland Mapview’s GEOGRAPHICA map series can jump start your creative process by providing you with a variety of generic full color geographical maps.

Each full color GEOGRAPHICA map delineates grasslands, desert sands, heavily forested areas, mountainous regions, landforms trapped beneath glacial ice, and depicts prominent rivers and lakes as well. Each map is essentially a blank slate for you to place cities and towns wherever you wish. Each color map is accompanied by a black & white version delineating only mountains and rivers, allowing you to sketch out your own national boundaries and clearly label prominent landmarks yourself. 

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