The Sleeping Lilac

‘The Sleeping Lilac’ is based on an archetypal story of good men and women led astray by an evil hag. The story takes place in Forstmoor, a generic winter town that can easily fit into any fantasy D&D setting. The characters visiting Forstmoor will have to investigate a case of a missing child and unravel a mystery that may lead the whole town to a gruesome end.

What is included?

  • 10 unique winter battlemaps made for the adventure, created with Arkenforge
  • a map of the town of Forstmoor in DM and Player version, created with Campaign Cartographer 3+
  • 4 ready handouts for your players
  • 4 new winter-themed monsters


  • 6-10 hours for four to six players.
  • Gloomy additions to make every decision count
  • A living and reacting town full of random citizens
  • Geography and Demography included
  • Each location is described
  • Each important NPC is described and involved in the mystery
  • A modular approach giving the DM possible clues and rewards without railroading.

Cover and Table of Content

Battlemap preview

A new monster preview

This product is priced at $5.00


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