EXP4-The Mother of Sin

In the early morning hours the ship sped into London Harbor. The Shadow of Olivia has finally arrived to reconnect to her long ago lover Landry. Now the two celebrate their reunion and begin to bring London to its knees as Olivia captures a Vanguard Mage with the ability to fold space. Olivia now has the power to bring more of her kind into London and gain a true hold on humanity. As the weary Actors bring themselves to the end of a long chase, they too arrive in London. Now they must muster all of their strength for the final battle against the beast they themselves brought upon all of humanity, the Mother of Sin herself.

Story Arch- In the Shadows of Olivia Consists of:

EXP2- Windward Castle

EXP3- Micul Paris-Bucharest

EXP4- The Mother of Sin

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