Fantasy Grounds Unity Weather Generator



This is an EXTENSION for use with the Fantasy Grounds VTT and specifically the D&D 5E ruleset only!

Fantasy Grounds Unity Weather Generator

The skies are unpredictable and wild, and often treacherous to explorers.

Weather has the potential to change on each watch (a four-hour period), but wonÔÇÖt necessarily do so.

The weather on a given watch has three basic components: precipitation, wind speed, and temperature.

Each of these is randomly determined each watch, based on region, season, and the previous watch.

The DM may also select an option directly, of course.

This extension for Fantasy Grounds Unity allows the DM to generate up to a 10-day weather forecast, with six 4-hour periods per day.

Weather is generated using some initial conditions that the DM sets, and using any previous time periods forecast.

The forecast includes Precipitation, Wind speed, and Temperature which are all affected by the Region, Season, Time of Day, and previous forecasts.