Perfumier – Background

Perfumiers aren’t merely artisans of aroma; they’re super beings with a sense of smell so refined they could identify every ingredient in a meal with nose alone. When perfumiers hit the road, they quickly realize their talents have use in all sorts of situations.

There are many things that could drive your perfumier to a life of adventure. They could lose a loved one or suffer some indignity; alternatively they might travel in search of the next big scent. Some take off for the sheer smell of it.


  • Perfumiers have the souls of artists and the noses of bloodhounds. Essentially you could call them scent detectives.
  • Also included are the rules for the Flacon of Many Scents – a wondrous perfume bottle that once a day conjures any aroma you can imagine.
  • Furthermore you get the rules for the perfumier’s kit. This new set of artisan’s tools can help you identify the origin of a perfume. It also allows you to create stink bombs, pepper spray, and the ‘unremitting stench’. Once applied to a target, this foul reek will cling to a person for 24 hours.
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