Rune Spell Reference Tables

This free play aid collects all of the Rune spells published by Chaosium in The Red Book of Magic together in printer-friendly format. It includes spell tables organized by Rune, as well as a complete alphabetical listing. Each entry includes how many Rune points the spell costs to cast, and the parameters listed for the spell in The Red Book of Magic. The alphabetical list additionally includes all listed Runes used to cast a particular spell.

This chart is free, because I believe it will much increase The Red Book of Magic‘s utility. If you find it useful, please toss something in the “tip jar,” or consider purchasing another product from Akhelas.

This product contains ZERO spell descriptions. You’ll need a copy of The Red Book of Magic to use this play aid in your game of RuneQuest.

This product is priced at $2.50


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