STL Creator Sampler just shared: “Announcement/Advertising: TOMB OF THE UNDERGR – Savant 3DOUND KINGDOM”

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The kit includes models of the underground kingdom. Especially it will be liked by dwarves fans, but I am sure that it will work in every game 🙂

The current, enlarged welcome pack!

-/NEW_07.06.2021_ ICE DEMON

This model it doesn’t require any supports.

The set consists of .STL files:

  • king’s tomb gate
  • observation tower # 1
  • observation tower # 2
  • the tomb of the king of the dwarves
  • Tomb gate
  • tomb platform_1
  • tomb platform_2
  • tomb bridge
  • tombstone sculpture
  • underground columns_small
  • underground columns_big


Sławomir from SAWANT3D


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