The Dreamweaver


I n the midst of battle a single person lies seemingly peacefull on the floor while an orc splits the head of his friend with a suprised look on his face. A person flees before a swam of bees only he can see. A Mindflayer writhing in pain that seems to suck his brain out of his skull, while the human wizard casts his spells with new vigor and a spark of unnatural energy in his eyes.

A thin line between Perception and Reality

Dreamweavers use the thin veil between the Dream World also known as the Plane of Dreams and the Material Plane to change the perception of every creature that has a mind on its own, wether it is to create illusions, boost the mental powers of his friends or destroy the minds of every foe, stupid enough to stand in the Dreamweavers way. Nobody truly knows, where the power of a Dreamweaver comes from, but if you ask them, they may all tell you of a similar dream of endless waves with hidden beauty and monsters. After their awakining they often find themself with new personas and personalitys.Their thoughts seems to ooze into the minds of surrounding people even when the Dreamweavers are awake.

An End to all Dreams

Every Dreamweaver has his own goals and expectations in life, since their power does not come from learning but from their imagiantion and what ever creates the supernatural dreams they have at night. Some may use their powers to help people facing a trauma of the past, others turn their backs to the rules of society and create chaos whereever they go. Some may even distance themself from society and live for the sake of getting to the bottom of their dreams and what caused them to beginn with.


You need the Playershandbook, Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything and Xanathar’s Guide to Everything to fully utilize the Dreamweaver’s spell list.

Author’s Note

This is my very first Homebrew class and i hope you enjoy it as much as i did writing it! I will balance the class if i notice something or get feedback. So it may as well be that everyone of you receive your own version of the Dreamweaver 😉

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