Chaos in Thistledown

This Encounter starts The Party of 4-5 players at level 1-2 in the City of Thistledown. This is designed to be the start of the Thistledown Module but can be used for any campaign. The Party will find themselves at an Inn called The Dry Gulch located in the Arkhazi District.

While The Party is staying at the inn, they will hear much talk about creatures causing mischief upon the people and stealing goods from businesses. Any person inside the Inn can inform The Party that there is some form of Imp-like creatures that are roaming the city of Thistledown creating issues for the people who live there. However, these pest like Imps are not creating large enough issues that warrant the already stretched thin city watch to take note of. If The Party seems very interested in the problems that are being explained the person will state that the Innkeeper has been offering a reward for taking care of this issue. The Innkeeper is a Lawful Good Human male with the name Tobias Fednich (Commoner). When asked about these
creatures he will become noticeably upset, stating that these creatures have done nothing but create problems for his business by stealing goods and playing pranks on his customers. He will also state that many other shopkeepers are experiencing similar nuisances and now are willing to pay a group of adventures to deal with these creatures once and for all. If The Party agrees to help the shopkeepers they will be offered a reward of 500GP for clearing out the group of meddlesome Imps within Thistledown. The shopkeepers are wary of handing over their collected savings to a group of strangers and so they will also request that the Player Characters bring back some form of proof of the Imps being cleared out. The best way would be the corpse of one of the Imps. If The Party does not wish to help, continue to have the Chaos Imps randomly cause issues throughout Thistledown as The Party continues adventuring around the city.

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