Curse of the Emerald Sea – A sandbox swashbuckling setting for Knave

Curse of the Emerald Sea is a sandbox swashbuckling adventure setting for Knave, the old-school fantasy RPG by Ben Milton. It is suitable for level 1 to 3.

The Emerald Sea is a vast frontier filled with paradise islands, abundant resources, and competing factions.
A few months ago a mysterious mist shrouded the region, cutting it off from the outside world.
Strange things happened in the mists. Ships disappeared, friends turned on each other, and terrible monsters appeared.
Will you dare enter the mists and find the answer behind the Curse of the Emerald Sea?

What this 32-page book contains:

  • A setting
  • Four factions
  • Five major islands
  • A system for generating adventure prompts while exploring a hex map at sea
  • Lots of random tables
  • Voodoo magic
  • Weird monsters, such as a monkey leviathan and weredemons that are a mix of shark, crab, and octopus

What this book is:

  • An island-hopping setting inspired by works such as the Secret of Monkey Island and Pirates of the Caribbean
  • A tool for experienced referees to generate sandbox adventures on the fly
  • Written to cut down on prep time. This is a book that’s supposed to be used at the table

What this book is not:

  • A product for referees who are uncomfortable with coming up with things on the fly (it could still be used to set up games ahead of time though)
  • A linear adventure that takes you from point A to B

This product is priced at $3.99


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